Andreina Floreani: Professional Attorney

Andreina Floreani has built a successful legal career on a foundation of a solid education, hard work and a commitment to serve the needs of her clients. Now an Attorney at Law with The Berman Law Group, Andreina Floreani continues to demonstrate the same strong commitment to her clients’ needs and rights, delivering expert guidance, representation and advice to everyone she serves.

Andreina Floreani served as a Paralegal for the Pro-Bono Advocates organization between 1993 and 1994, drafting orders of protection under the Domestic Violence Act as well as conducting interviews and gathering evidentiary documentation. She then served as an Immigration Law Advocate for the De Paul Pro Bono Law Clinic between 1994 and 1995, helping to provide legal support and assistance to petitioners seeking political asylum in the United States. Andreina Floreani continued her Pro Bono work as a Law Clerk for the Chicago-based Human Rights Law Institute, helping to document war crimes in Bosnia for International Criminal Court prosecution.

Following her extensive work in the Pro Bono field, Andreina Floreani worked for several organizations, serving as a Law Clerk for the Legal Assistance Foundation and the Boris Parad & Associates Foundation before serving Augsperger & Associates as a Paralegal. She then became a Corporate Counsel for the SouthStar Consulting Group, Inc, serving the organization from 2004 to 2008 before branching out on her own, forming A.E. Floreani & Associates in 2008.

Andreina Floreani is a talented and trusted attorney who provides the best in clients’ services and representation. She is a leader in the Florida legal community.


About Andreina Floreani

Andreina Floreani served as a solo attorney practitioner from 2008 to 2012. As the founder and principle attorney for her own firm, she was responsible for advising clients on matters pertaining to employment, deportation, complex family law and entity formation. Andreina Floreani, a known real estate expert, also negotiated numerous agreements that included real estate closings as the lead attorney for her firm.
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