Andreina Floreani: Law Office Servicing Boca Raton

Andreina E. Floreani & Associates serves the greater Boca Raton and Palm Beach areas. Her practice handles real estate laws, tax law and family law. Andreina Floreani heads up the law office and has years of experience beind her. She studied and received degrees from the following schools: the DePaul University, Florida Atlantic University, Roosevelt University and Northwestern University. She employs years of experience and dedication to provide each of her clients with quality, legal representation.

Andreina Floreani

Andreina Floreani

Andreina Floreani believes that to service each client to the best of her ability it is necessary to stay informed on changes in the law and developments within the legal community. That’s why Andreina Floreani is a member of numerous legal organizations, which includes the Broward County Bar Association, the Palm Beach Bar Association, the Florida Bar Association and the Association of South Florida Mediators and Arbitrators. Through her constant contact with other legal professional, Andreina Floreani can provide clienst with stellar legal representation.

Andreina Floreani is also very active within her community and is consistently making an effort to support local nonprofit organizations. As a leader for numerous charity projects, she has gained recognition for leading fundraising efforts for the Boys Scouts of America, Organizer of March of Dimes in Boca Raton, led Breast Cancer Walk in Boca Raton and collected children books for the Baptist’s Children Hospital. Andreina Floreani is a great asset to her community and continues to stay on the forfront of many charitable events. She diplays a great deal of compassion and generosity for others.


About Andreina Floreani

Andreina Floreani served as a solo attorney practitioner from 2008 to 2012. As the founder and principle attorney for her own firm, she was responsible for advising clients on matters pertaining to employment, deportation, complex family law and entity formation. Andreina Floreani, a known real estate expert, also negotiated numerous agreements that included real estate closings as the lead attorney for her firm.
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