Andreina Floreani: Experienced Real Estate Agent

Andreina Floreani wears many hats, besides being a well respected legal professional, she is also an experienced Realtor. Since starting her career in real estate back in October of 2012, Andreina Floreani has provided her keen insight into the real estate market to get her clients the best deals, whether buying or selling property. She currently works as a Realtor Associate with United Realty Group, where she keeps a pulse on the local real estate market.

Andreina Floreani

Andreina Floreani

Andreina Floreani has been a celebrated member of the professional real estate community for over 10 years, building what has become a respectable and accomplished career from a strong foundation of education, experience and client dedication. Numerous clients have benefitted her extensive knowledage in the local real estate market. She has a keen and skilled perspective on real estate sales and negotiations. Her insight and the desire to be the best Realtor in the Palm Beach area puts her on top of the real estate game.

Andreina Floreani is also a licensed and practicing attorney, who is extremely knowledgeable in both real estate law and tax law, and represents clients in a variety of cases. It’s through her extensive education in the legal, realty and tax preparation that Andreina Floreani can offer her clients excellent service. Tax law is an area of specialty that Andreina Floreani handles within her firm. She earned her Master’s degree in Taxation from Florida Atlantic in 2010, and has been a licensed law professional in the state of Florida since 2001.


About Andreina Floreani

Andreina Floreani served as a solo attorney practitioner from 2008 to 2012. As the founder and principle attorney for her own firm, she was responsible for advising clients on matters pertaining to employment, deportation, complex family law and entity formation. Andreina Floreani, a known real estate expert, also negotiated numerous agreements that included real estate closings as the lead attorney for her firm.
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